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Artist Statement

"Photography is an accurate representation of the subject matter."

While I have never really been in agreement with that statement,
I do concede that there is a line that separates photography and
what we might consider "digital art." I simply choose not to pay
attention to said line.

When looking at a subject through the lens, I’m not only recognizing
staple photographic elements of frame, composition, lighting,
subject matter, and myriad other variables, but also potential,
what I can turn the image into. I visually feast on details I can
texturize, colors I can manipulate and tweak into bold drama, and
details I can massage with light in order to push the image into the
realms of intense and surreal without leaving reality.

My current work falls across an artistic continuum: some is vivid
and eye-catching, other pieces float with a light and ethereal weight,
while still others are hard-edged and intense. Having worked on both
sides of artistic and commercial spectrums, I enjoy all of it.


Dax Finley
Ardmore, PA
Summer, 2012